Ron Vaughn Tambourines

Ron’s Tambourine Styles, Models, and Model Numbers


Recording Tambourines for Studio, & Sound Stage Work
Triple Row Recording Tambourines with Ron’s T-10 ‘built-in’ reverb jingles
providing excellent power-driving-rhythmic articulation, and superb ballad lines at the softest dynamics.

Headless Rhythm Tambourines, for Gospel, Rock, & Pop

Follow the link directly above to quickly find Ron’s classic Rhythm Tambourines, including:
RV-3367.0002.Cng . . . . . . . . . . 10″ diameter Inline with R-1 Brass Jingles
RV-3357.0002.Cng . . . . . . . . . . . 8″ diameter inline with R-1 Brass Jingles
RV-3665.0002.Cng . . . . . . . . . . 10″ diameter Staggered Pattern with T-10 Jingles
RV-3745.0002.Cng . . . . . . . . . . .10″ diameter In-line pattern, T-10 Jingles over R-1 Brass Jingles

Concert Tambourines, for general classical performance

 Concert Tambourines, ButterFly Slot Models, for full, robust shake-rolls. Not for rhythmically articulate passages, wonderful for smooth, full rolls, tremolos.
Ron Vaughn model number ref: RV-4720.HB02.Cng

Concert Tambourines, Softer, and Super-Soft Speaking Tambourines:
Split-Ring Poplar Shell + Carbon Fiber construction, Compound 1″ Fluted Jingles
Ron Vaughn model number ref: RV-5050.SR01.Cng
Poplar Split-Ring, with 1″ Fluted Jingles

Concert Tambourines, T-10 Secco Poplar Tambourines, another Softer-Speaking Tambourine
Ron Vaughn model number reference:

Concert Tambourines, Carbon Fiber,
Split-Ring, Compound Jingle FireBirds
Ron Vaughn model number reference:

Concert Tambourines, Large-Format, 14″ diameter
Split-Ring, Carbon Fiber 

ThunderBird Tambourines
Ron Vaughn model number reference:

Esoteric, Super-Fly Weight concert instrument,
Shell-less FireFly Tambourines. Includes Russian-Baltic Compression case.

Ron Vaughn 8″ FireFly model number reference: RV-5201.Ff01.Cng

Ron Vaughn 10″ FireFly model number reference: RV-5241.Ff01.Cng

 Concert & Studio,
Phoenix Triple-Row  Natural Skin Tambourine

Ron Vaughn model number reference:

Tambourine Compression Cases: Russian Birch & High-Density Foam

Ron’s Tambourine Styles, Models, and Model Numbers