Ron Vaughn Tambourines

Ron’s Tambourine Styles, Models, and Model Numbers


Rhythm Tambourines, for Recording, Studio, & Sound Stage Work

Rhythm Tambourines, Gospel, Rock & Pop Tambourines

Rhythm Tambourines, Hot Tamales &
Hot Tamale Hard-Tops

Concert Tambourines, for general classical performance

 Concert Tambourines, ButterFly Slot Models

Concert Tambourines, Softer, and Super-Soft Speaking Tambourines,
including Carbon Fiber, Compound Jingle,
Fluted, 1″ Fluted, & T-10 Secco Tambourines

Concert Tambourines, Carbon Fiber,
Split-Ring, Compound Jingle FireBirds

Concert Tambourines, Large-Format, 14″ diameter
Split-Ring, Carbon Fiber 

ThunderBird Tambourines

Esoteric, Special Purpose, Off-the-Charts,
Shell-less FireFly Tambourines,  &
Compound Jingle Tambourines

Concert & Studio,
Phoenix Triple-Row  Tambourines

Tambourine Compression Cases: Russian Birch & High-Density Foam

Ron’s Tambourine Styles, Models, and Model Numbers