Ron Vaughn Headless Rhythm Tambourines for Gospel, Rock, Pop, Jazz, & Fusion

Pictured above: RV-3367.0002.Cng, Double-Row, headless, In-Line, R-1 Brass Jingles, with SuperGrip

Ron’s RV-3367.0002.Cng has become an indispensable classic rhythm instrument for many musicians over the past 40 years. Producing a fine, powerful sound that drives time with deliberate clarity, it has earned its place among musicians.

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Next Headless RhythmTambourine, 8″ diameter . . .

Pictured above: RV-3357.0002.Cng: 8″ diameter, double row, in-line pattern, R-1 jingles, with SuperGrip.

RV-3357.0002.Cng headless rhythm tambourine, 8″ diameter, Staggered Pattern, R-1 Jingles, SuperGrip.

This instrument is literally the 8″ diameter version of the 10″ diameter RV-3367.0002.Cng listed directly above this 8″ diameter RV-3357.0002.Cng instrument on this page.

This 8″ diameter version provides the same tonal quality and ability to drive time, only in a smaller, lighter version for players who want this same great sound only in a bit faster-in-hand version.

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Next Headless RhythmTambourine, 10″ diameter . . .

Pictured above: RV-3665.0002.Cng: double row, staggered pattern, T-10 jingles, with SuperGrip.

RV-3665.0002.Cng headless rhythm tambourine, 10″ diameter, Staggered Pattern, T-10 Jingles, SuperGrip.

One of the most trusted rhythm tambourines for live and recording work, the RV-3665.0002.Cng model is a brilliantly live sound with its T-10 jingles, and will produce a beautiful reverb sound when played on ballads in single taps, held vertically, near the mic.

For rhythmic patterns when you’re playing time, this is a bright sounding instrument with excellent highs and brilliant presence on recorded tracks and live performances.
Not much need to enhance this instrument’s sound at the board after recording.
A recording engineer’s favorite . . .

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Next Headless RhythmTambourine, 10″ diameter, blended jingle voices . . .

Pictured above: RV-3745.0002.Cng: double row, in-line slot pattern, T-10 jingles over R-1 Brass Jingles, with SuperGrip.

Jingle metallurgy characteristics of this instrument, blended voices:

Jingle Metallurgy: T-10 Jingles over R-1 Jingles

T-10 jingles are a German Silver based alloy, with a bright live sound, capable of producing a beautiful sustain.
R-1 Brass Jingles are a fully brass based alloy with just the right amount of coper alloy added in it’s creation. The R-1 Jingles voice is a darker, more driving sound quality.

In-Line Slot Pattern characteristics of this instrument, creates ‘pronounced’ rhythmic patterns:

The in-line slot design of this instrument produces a far more well defined, audible rhythm, whether you’re playing straight time or a ‘rhythmic’ shake roll. You’ll hear a lot more of the rhythm, like ‘running sixteenths’.

RV-3745.0002.Cng headless rhythm tambourine, 10″ diameter, In-Line Slot Pattern, T-10 Jingles over R-1 Brass Jingles, with SuperGrip.
Another beautiful sound color for rhythm playing, unique unto itself.

The RV-3745.0002.Cng model combines the brilliantly live sound of its T-10 jingles, in combination with the deeper sounding, darker, more driving R-1 Brass Jingles. This jingle combination creates a unique performance voice that is both lively, and time-driving with the benefit of these R-1 Brass Jingles.

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