Ron Vaughn      

Ron Vaughn log drum

S.A.T.B. Log Drums, Concert Grand and Studio sound.
Soiid North American Blach Walnut tonal surfaces,
Russian-Birch bodies.
Complete, FlexMount Performance Hardware available.


Ron Vaughn, Rhythm Discovery Center, PAS

Authentic Ron Vaughn Bass Log Drum greets visitors at the new PAS Rhythm! Discovery Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Ron Vaughn and Elvin Jones

Time with Elvin Jones . . . read about . . .



Solid Shells for almost 50 years !


Beautifully Quilted Solid Maple Shells
100% made in the U.S.A.
by Ron Vaughn, Inc.

Pictured: 7 X 14 Solid Quilted Maple Drum Shell
March 17, 2017



Side-by-side tambourine videos coming !
Hear and see many of the Ron Vaughn
Solid-Shell tambourines compared
in all categories:
Recording models for studio
Large-Format ThunderBirds,
and others !


Ron Vaughn Mallets

Ron's original High-Density-Head mallets.

Now for over 40 years, and still one of the
top choices of working professionals
everywhere throughout the world:

for Wood Blocks, Temple Blocks,
Multiple Percussion,
Marimba & Vibes,
Suspended Cymbals,
and more . . .


. . . . . . and see us at PASIC 2017 !

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Ron Vaughn 10" diameter PHOENIX TAMBOURINES TM
are here !
Solid Maple Shells,
Ron's light-weight Carbon-Fiber Split-Ring shell design,
a Triple-Row, breath-taking Concert-Studio Instrument.
With 56 pairs of combined jingles,
including 39 Compound pairs of 1" fluted German Silver Jingles,
9 pairs of Hammered German Silver Jingles,
and 8 pairs of Hammered R-1 Brass Jingles.

10" diameter Phoenix Tambourines!
A true large-format bold voice,
combined with stunningly soft-dynamic clarity,
all in a lighter-weight, fast-speaking performance instrument.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn.


Ron Vaughn Compression Cases TM
for any of Ron's Tambourines, 2017

Ron Vaughn FireFly Tambourines
(patents. pend.)
Firefly Tambourines, just skin & a lot of jingles
with a beautiful super-lightweight solid maple shell.

FireBird Tambourines!

Thank You . . .
Asante, Gracias, Sukria, Tak, Dankie,
Obrigado, Kiitos, Do jeh, Efharisto
Toda, Grazie, Spasibo, Shukran, Ta, Merci,
Arigato, Terima Kasih, Istutiy,
Takk, Xie Xie, Kamsa Hamnida, Danke,
Salamat Po, Dziekuje, Tack, Dank je,

for coming together to
create such tremendous performances
here in the U.S.A. and throughout the world!

Ron Vaughn Classic Tambourines for:
Concert work
Recording work
Rhythm-Studio/Rock/Pop work

100% Solid shells
100% Hybrid jingles


April 1, 2017 read about Ron's 14" Split-Ring ThunderBird Tambourines, RV-5095.SR01.Cng

'Rebonds B' wood block sets:
Ron's stainless steel FlexMount hardware + signature wood blocks
are expanded & combined to create this unique performance set-up
for Iannis Xenakis' 'Rebonds B'.

All 100% made in the U.S.A.
by Ron Vaughn

Practice, prepare, always play your best !

Updated for Wednesday October 18, 2017

Ron Vaughn, Ascend Wood Blocks

'Ascend' wood block series of tuned, quality blocks,
rock maple. approx. tuning low to high,
B, C#, E, G, A, B, C#, D.


More brilliant Sound Colors from Ron . . .
Ron's classic 14" diameter Solid Maple
Split-Ring Fortissimo ThunderBird Tambourines

Original Signature Solid Body Wood Blocks
with more new sizes/pitches in 2017

And High Control, Beautifully Recordable,
"smooth as silk"
Studio Recording Key Chimes


Beginning in fall-2017, look for the start of
product/performance Videos on YouTube !

Solid Shells
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Where to Buy

asonespritRon, Caracas Studio Session    
      Ron Vaughn Tp-770 Temple Blocks

History: High Control Rotating Studio
Chime Invention history.

Ron Vaughn, on Believing.


Decade after decade world wide. . .
Ron's trusted Classic Pro Temple Blocks
Meet the latest, his Tp-770's for 2017.

    Ron Vaughn BTp-5V vertical temple blocks Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 Pro Temple Blocks  

Ron Vaughn in Guita recording session with Venezuelan musicians, studio play-back,
Caracas, Venezuela 1975

Ron, Andes Mountains, cable car      
Andes Mountains, just outside Caracas Venezuela.
Image by Ron Vaughn, 1975

FlexMounts and wood blocks


Ron Vaughn.Passion
BTp-5V Russian Birch
Vertical Temple Blocks

Ron Vaughn Block and FlexMounts


Passion, and Compassion . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .find yours!
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