Ron Vaughn Percussion Videos

Ron Vaughn Percussion Videos:

We’re in the studios in 2018 creating great collections of videos for our players, composers, directors, conductors, arrangers, i.e., our customers of all interests and performance/recording application venues.

We will be bringing you these videos all through 2018 and beyond.
Thank you for your patience as we build out our very cool collection of
‘Ron Vaughn Percussion in Sound & Motion’ videos!

This is where we start . . .

Ron Vaughn FireBird Tambourine, Gordon Stout:

Ron Vaughn Wood Blocks: C#5 to C#4 Register Samples, W-3 to W-1 blocks, in FlexMounts:
Ron Vaughn High-Density Head Wood Blocks mallets used:
PBM-1R Piccolo Block mallet,  & MBM-2R Medium Block mallet