Ron Vaughn Tuned Signature Wood Blocks

Ron’s original, tuned Signature Wood Blocks began back in the 1970’s  when Ron was pioneering the single, wide-slot, solid body wood block design and aspect ratios.  Today, Ron’s original wood block design elements can be seen in so many wood blocks everywhere, whether they’re made from wood or plastic.


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Ron Vaughn Original Tuned Signature Wood Blocks


Chart: Ron Vaughn Tuned Signature Wood Blocks


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W-0.8 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-0.9 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-1 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-1.2 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-1.3 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-1.4 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-1.5 Piccolo Wood Block:

W-2 Wood Block:

W-3 Wood Block:

W-4 Wood Block:

W-4.5 Wood Block:

W-4.7 Wood Block:

W-5 Wood Block:

W-6 Wood Block:

W-7 Wood Block:

W-8 Wood Block: