FlexMount Hardware, a place to start: + Details & Options:

Ron Vaughn FlexMount Stainless Steel Hardware:
A Percussionist’s Erector Set:

FlexMount hardware is a ‘career-long’, lifetime investment in your work as a professional performer. Ron Vaughn FlexMount Hardware brings the formidable strength and power and stability of stainless steel. The finish surface of all FlexMount FM-Bars will not chip or crack or peel. FM-Bars won’t rust. They’re all made of stainless steel. The strength of stainless steel is unmatched next to common percussion hardware.
And when your career is complete, your can give/sell your FlexMount hardware to a next-generation percussionist. It will be ready to go for another several decades, with normal use and good care along the way!

FlexMount FM-12Bar being mounted on a FlexMount TBase, the TBase is fitted in a cymbal stand base that will accept the 3/4″ diameter down-tube of the FlexMount TBase.

Basic care of FlexMount Cap Screws:

FlexMount Cap Screws are the black screws, or bolts, that you see along the length of the FM-12Bar, pictured above.
FlexMount hardware requires very little care. For clamping and holding strength, Ron uses socket head cap screws, as seen in the image above in the FM-12Bar, (and in all FlexMount bars). These cap screws are tightened and loosened using a 5/16″ Allen wrench, (FM-Wrench). Use-tip: take care not to unnecessarily over-tighten these cap screws. They generate enormous holding torque for percussion applications.
Cap screw maintenance: the regular steel black-anodized cap screws will oxidize, (rust) over time. They can be easily replaced, or far better, you can very easily apply a very light oil film to them every year or two. Experienced players typically use a kleenex with a few drops of light oil, and simply wipe the screws, and will apply a single drop of oil to the threads.

FlexMount Hardware, One Way to Begin:


To quickly find the FM-TBase in our online store, click HERE:

FlexMount FM-TBase, pictured above:

Every FlexMount setup begins with a very sturdy cymbal stand base of yours, making sure it will receive the 3/4″ down-tube of the FlexMount TBase.
With your FlexMount TBase firmly in a good cymbal stand base, next you need to choose one of the FM-Bars to fasten to the horizontal base plate of the FM-TBase.
FM-Bars are offered in these options:
FM-4Bar, FM-6Bar, FM-10Bar, or the FM-12Bar.

Each FM-Bar has a row of 3/8″ diameter through-holes along it’s full length. And each 3/8″ diameter through-hole has a corresponding cap screw to tighten and hold any percussion instrument that can be mounted using a 3/8″ diameter rod.

With a cymbal stand base, your TBase, and your chosen FM-Bar length, these few components are enough to begin using your FlexMount ‘starter set’. Any instrument you need to mount/play that is mounted with a 3/8″ rod can be inserted and tightened for performance.

Also, any of the Ron Vaughn FM-Woodblock mounts can be immediately used with just this starter FlexMount hardware set, described above.
See one of the FlexMount block mounts, pictured below, that can be used to mount one of Ron’s Signature Wood Blocks:

To quickly find FlexMounts for Ron’s Tuned Signature WoodBlocks in our online store, click HERE:

Here’s a Ron Vaughn W-3 Signature Wood Block in it’s FM-W3 FlexMount holder, below:

Ron Vaughn W-3 Signature Wood Block mounted in it’s FlexMount FM-W3 resilient FlexMount block mount

More Initial Setup Options:

You can also add, and mix & match FM-Bars with Ron’s XR stainless steel joining pins to build out, or up, or up and out and across: however you decide to design the setup(s) you personally need for your own, unique performance needs.

Pictured below: A more complete set of Ron’s Signature Wood Blocks on their respective FlexMounts. Note: this entire setup is built with just one cymbal stand base, and one FM-TBase.
The multiple FM-Bars are joined with FlexMount XR pins (extension rods) at right angles to each other.
XR pins come in several lengths, allowing for excellent vertical-height adjustments across entire setups.

Multiple FlexMount FM-Bars, creating an entire, multi-pitched Signature Woodblock array.

Quick link to Pictorial Step-by-Step How-To FlexMount Assembly Page:

Quick link to FlexMount accessories, more Pieces & Parts to build with:

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