Ron Vaughn Tuned Ascend Wood Blocks

Ron’s Ascend Tuned Wood Blocks came about from requests of players and dealers who needed blocks that were not as expensive as Ron’s Tuned Signature Wood Blocks, but still produced very good sound.  Equally important in these requests was the need for a broader collection of blocks that were also well tuned, still in a less expensive block.
This is exactly what the Ascend block collection has made available.

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Tuning of these Ascend blocks is reliable, general relative tuning.  This assures players when they invest in one or more blocks from the Ascend collection today, that when they need to add other Ascend blocks in the future, all of their Ascend Wood Blocks will sound sequentially in ascending/descending order, correctly.

Chart:  Ascend Wood Block Pitches, Register, & Best Mallets:

RV-AB.5          pitch approx. D6          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB1           pitch approx. C#6        best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB2           pitch approx. B5          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB2.5       pitch approx. A5          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB3           pitch approx. G5          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB4           pitch approx. E5          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB5          pitch approx. C#5        best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R
RV-AB6           pitch approx. B4          best mallet . . . MPM-1.75R

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RV-AB.5 Wood Block:

RV-AB1 Wood Block:

RV-AB2 Wood Block:

RV-AB2.5 Wood Block:

RV-AB3 Wood Block:

RV-AB4 Wood Block:

RV-AB5 Wood Block:

RV-AB6 Wood Block: