Wood Block Mounting Systems for Ron’s Ascend blocks

RV-AB.Blk.Mnt Ascend Block Mount, designed specifically for Ron’s Ascend wood blocks:  this pin-based stainless steel mount works with any of the Ascend wood blocks.  A fully adjustable block mount that fits Ascend wood blocks and most other (bottom-drilled) pin-based mounted wood blocks.

Sound Insulated, Stainless Steel + High-Density Foam Construction.
This terrific little adjustable woodblock mount will fit any of Ron’s 8 Ascend Tuned WoodBlocks, and many other blocks that are drilled for pin-style-mounting.

This Ascend Block Mount keeps the center support rod either at or very near the center of any of the Ascend Tune WoodBlocks for excellent mounted balance during performance.

The holding wing-nut has nylon-filled threads so it will not vibrate loses during use.
And like all Ron Vaughn StainlessSteel Hardware, this mount us built to last your playing career and beyond.

To quickly find this Ascend WoodBlock mount in our online store, click HERE:


Stainless Steel Ascend Mount, close-up . . .


Detail info, Ron’s Ascend Wood Block Mounts . . .


Mount as many blocks as you need, quickly & easily, (also pictured, some of Ron’s stainless steel FlexMount erector-set percussion hardware) . . . 

Center-Mount very small Ascend blocks for best sound and exceptional performance stability . . .

Center-Mount large Ascend blocks for best sound and exceptional performance stability . . .

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