Ron Vaughn 1″ Fluted-Jingle Tambourines

Ron Vaughn 1″ Fluted-Jingle Tambourines:

These unique metals and jingles make possible some of the finest soft-sound performance densities in classical and studio performance today.

Ron’s unique 1″ Fluted-Jingles shown here are combined with these
Super-Light-Weight Solid Poplar Solid Shells. 
Together with finely finished skins, the intricately shaped, opposing/meshing fluted jingle geometries alternately match and mesh to create beautifully sensitive, highly articulate sounds.

Solid Poplar Shells are steam bent by Ron Vaughn Percussion in the U.S.A., like all of Ron’s solid shells.
Poplar is a light weight North American hardwood, ideally suited for
these super-sensitive, beautifully voiced instruments.



The processes Ron develops through the decades to tune these metals is an extensive, fun path, creating an always-discovering fine collection of sounds for performers to listen to and select from if/when they find something that answers a unique performance need.

Sometimes the need already exists, and sometimes a new expressive/performance opportunity is discovered.

Not unlike composers and other artists who create generation after generation, instruments evolve and change and improve generation after generation.  It’s a  combination of discovering new sounds, and sometimes realizing that something old, tried and true is the right sound.

In these fluted jingles that Ron makes, the German Silver family of metals is one of the most useful, playable, and popular.  Pictured above is one ‘recipe’ of Ron’s
1″ Fluted German Silver Jingles, and pictured below is another.  Both deliver tremendous soft, dense sound for brilliant articulation at the softest dynamics.  The difference between the two is modest, and a matter of the performer’s/composer’s ear and opinion, and what they’re aiming for.
Some performers are masters of representing the classics of performance in brilliant example, and some are avid explorers pushing back the boundaries of tradition.  In either case, they all find great tools to express what they hear , right here in Ron’s expansive and always evolving collection of tambourine sounds.



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