Ron Vaughn Triple-Row, Split-Ring, Concert & Studio Phoenix Tambourine, with Solid Maple Shell & Carbon Fiber: model # RV-5495.PH02.Cng

Ron Vaughn RV-5495.PH02.Cng Triple Row Concert/Studio Tambourine.
The Triple Row Phoenix has a total of 56 pair of jingles, including 1″ fluted jingles, Hammered Brass, and Hammered German Silver Jingles. Model RV-5495.0002.Cng

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Ron’s Phoenix Tambourines:  A Triple-Row, Solid-Shell, Split-Ring, Carbon-Fiber instrument that is superb for concert performance, and darn exciting and useful in studio recording sessions for many, many reasons.



The Phoenix Triple-Row is a deeper, Split-Ring, Carbon-Fiber, Solid Maple shell construction.  Yet, the Phoenix still retains the classic Super-Grip, with the same grip dimensions and feel as all other SuperGrip-equipped tambourines of Ron’s.

The row of jingles closest to the head consists of  39 pair of Compound 1″ Fluted German Silver jingles, with the two lower rows in a staggered pattern.  And those two lower rows of jingles combine to add an additional 17 pair of full-size jingles.

Despite all this metal in one instrument, the Phoenix remains a very light, fast-in-hand instrument due to the Split-Ring/Carbon Fiber design combination.

The Phoenix offers terrific softer-dynamic clarity for parts requiring bright articulation and fine control, and allows for much greater parts requiring ‘playing out’ at much higher volumes.