ButterFly Slot Concert Tambourines

Ron Vaughn ButterFly Slot Tambourines:

Create beautiful, smooth, rich rolls of all kinds with Ron’s ButterFly Slot Tambourines:

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These Butterfly slots are found in Ron’s solid shell tambourines where the jingle slots have been widened at each end of the normal jingle slot. 
This allows each pair of jingles to move far more freely in the slot, and travel a greater distance in each slot before reaching the interior edges of each slot.

Sound result:  as the jingles move so freely and move much farther in each slot, shake rolls sound smooth, full and robust.  This instrument does not project much-if-any sense of ‘rhythm’ in it’s sound,  only the smooth, even sound of a highly controlled shake roll.

These smooth rolls can be created all along the full dynamic range, from very soft to quite loud dynamic levels.

Ron Vaughn model number:  RV-4720.HB02.Cng

Instrument specs:
-Solid maple shell
-10″ natural skin concert tambourine
-skins always mounted hardware-free, smoother & lighter in-hand
-All slots are Butterfly Slots
-Mahogany SuperGrip


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