T-10 Secco Concert Tambourines for Crunchy, Crispy Articulations.

Model number for order: RV-4525.0001.Cng
Ron’s T-10 Secco Concert Tambourines are all about their dry, succinct, articulate sound. With their lighter weight, steam-bent solid poplar shells and excellent natural heads, these instruments speak softly and clearly with a subtle density that carries beautifully in concert halls and recording sessions.

At the core of their sound is our T-10 German Silver, fluted-circumference jingles, pictured below. The fluting contributes, in part, to controlling the audible overtones in these jingles, helping to create the clean, crisp articulation.

Fully-fluted, T-10 Secco jingles

Play crisp, articulate shake rolls, or pointed, clear rhythmic parts on the skin-side edges, or inverted with fingers on the head, inside the instrument.

For ordering, reference Ron Vaughn model number RV-4525.0001.Cng.

Ron Vaughn, T-10 Secco Concert Tambourine