Ron Vaughn, 14″ ThunderBird Split-Ring

Ron’s 14″ ThunderBird Split-Ring, Carbon-Fiber Tambourine is a large-format, 84 jingle/42 pair powerhouse instrument capable of truly tremendous sound at all places along the audible sound spectrum.  With this ThunderBird Tambourine, almost endless thumb rolls become a regular option for your personal creative performance.

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At soft or very soft dynamics, articulate finger rhythms on the skin or rim of the ThunderBird deftly penetrate densely throughout concert halls and recording studios.  At rising dynamic levels the ThunderBird can ‘audibly-accelerate’ into tremendous volume levels, depending on the creative/composed need and application for truly large,
highest-quality robust sound.


At the core of the ThunderBird is the bearing edge that the natural skin head is tensioned across.  This bearing edge is directly related to those found on snare drums, and other drums of all kinds.  This bearing edge provides the ThunderBird with an ideal surface tension and voice that, in the hands of an experienced and skilled player, will produce an amazing spectrum of sounds.  This bearing edge is cut from a steam-bent solid drum shell.  These solid drum shells are the very same ones that Ron has been making for decades for drum builders throughout the world, and for all of his snare drums, hand drums, tambourines, Bodhrans, and others.

Steam-Bent Solid Shells ThunderBird Bearing Edge, with natural skin head:


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