Mallets, Ron’s High-Density Head Mallets

Ron has been designing and making his High-Density Head Mallets since the 1970’s.
They have become some of the most relied-upon tools for percussionists throughout the world.
These mallets allow the instruments they are played with to speak with remarkable and exceptional clarity.  A most notable quality in Ron’s mallets is their lack of ‘contact noise’ generation.

Ron’s High-Density Head Mallets allow the pure sound of an instrument to be heard  with little or no ‘mallet interference’, as opposed to hearing the sound of the instrument along with a large percentage of contact ‘noise’ or sound created by the mallet contacting the surface of instrument.

These mallets deliver this same remarkable clarity of sound from instruments throughout the dynamic range, from pppp to FFFF,
and everything in between.

To this day, Ron’s High-Density Head Sewn Mallets are hand made, and each is beautifully and faithfully put together.

High-Density Head Mallets for tiny and small Piccolo Signature Wood Blocks

High-Density Head Mallets for small and mid-range Signature Wood Blocks

High-Density Head Mallets for large, and very large Signature Wood Blocks

High-Density Mallets for Multiple Percussion

High-Density Head Mallets for Suspended Cymbals

High-Density Head Mallets for Marimba/Vibes

Petite Mallets for Cymbals, Bells, Triangles, Xylophone

Log Drum Mallets 

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