Multiple Percussion Mallets

MPM-1.75 Multiple Percussion Mallets

MPM-1.75R Multiple Percussion Mallets with 14″ Rattan Shafts.

MPM-1.75 Multiple Percussion Mallets, (sold in pairs), are available with 13 1/2″ Birch Shafts, (MPM-1.75B), or with 14″ Rattan Shafts, (MPM-1.75R).
The MPM-1.75 Multiple Percussion Mallets are a truly excellent choice for performing Multiple Percussion pieces where the demands of the piece don’t allow the performer time or opportunity to change mallets for different sections of the performed piece.
These mallet are effective for playing many instrument surfaces effectively, such as blocks, drums, toms, bongos, congas, Xylophone/Marimba/Vibe sections, timpani, suspended cymbals, log drums, etc.

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