Mallets for Vibes/Marimba

MarimM-6R mallets for vibes and marimba

Marim-6R Vibe/Marimba mallet, 15 1/2″ Rattan long-shaft.

MarimM-6 Vibe/Marimba Mallets

The MarimM-6 mallets are made with long shafts, 15 1/5″ in length. They are available with Birch shafts, (MarimM-6B), or with Rattan shafts, (MarimM-6R).
These are in Ron’s High-Density-Head collection, so they have similar density characteristics for zero-contact noise and clarity of sound from Vibe and Marimba bars.
They also record exceptionally well, creating a clear and live sound presence from these keyboard instruments.

To find these MarimM-6 mallets in our online store, click HERE.

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