Mallets for Large Blocks and Tp-770 Temple Blocks

LBM-3R Big Block & Temple Block mallets

LBM-3R Large Block Mallet with 14″ Rattan Shaft.

LBM-3R mallets (sold in pairs) are designed specifically for Ron Vaughn Tp-770 Professional Temple Blocks, and for our larger, and very large Signature Wood Blocks.
The LBM-3s are offered in 13 1/2″ long Birch shafts, (LBM-3B) and 14″ long Rattan shafts, (LBM-3R).
Specifically, these mallets have the core density and balance to bring the full, dark, mellow, authentic temple block sound from our Tp-770 Temple Blocks.
And, to bring the full depth of voice from our large, and larger Signature Wood Blocks, models W-4, W-4.5, W4.7, W-5, W-6, and W-7.

To find our LBM-3 mallets in our online store, click HERE.

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