Ron Vaughn High-Density Head Piccolo Block Mallets

Ron’s High-Density Head Piccolo Block Mallets: are made in both Rattan and Birch shafts.

The PBM-1B Birch shafts are 13″ in length.  Color band is orange.

The PBM-1R Rattan shafts, (shown above), are 14″ in length.  Color band is Turquoise.

These mallets were originally developed and designed by Ron for his always-expanding tuned collection of Signature Piccolo Wood Blocks.  These Piccolo blocks are voiced in a brilliant and projecting sky-high tonal range, and these High-Density Head Piccolo Block mallets allow these tiny blocks to sing in full voice without mallet contact sound and noise interference.

These mallets are ideal for Ron’s Signature Piccolo Wood Block models: 
W-.8, W-.9, W-1, W-1.2, W-1.3, W-1.4, and W-1.5


To find these mallets in our online store, click HERE.

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