Ron Vaughn High-Density Head Cymbal Mallets


Ron Vaughn High-Density Head CymM-4R and CymM-5R Suspended Cymbal Mallets:

Over the past several decades, Ron’s suspended cymbal mallets have become one of the most popular and relied up cymbal mallets both here in the US and throughout the world.  It is their unique no-contact noise ability on suspended cymbals, and their smooth, even, crescendos that can build through the full dynamic range and never leave a trace of ‘mallet-noise’ along the way.
Pure, suspended cymbal sound.

Ron Vaughn Percussion makes these high-density head suspended cymbal mallets in both Rattan and Birch shafts.

The CymM-4B Birch shafts are 13″ in length.
The CymM4R Rattan shafts are 14″ in length.

The CymM-5B Birch shafts are 15 1/2″ in length.
The CymM-5R Rattan shafts are also 15 1/2″ in length.

To quickly find our CymM-4R Suspended Cymbal Mallets in our online store, click HERE:

To quickly find our CymM-5R Suspended Cymbal Mallets in our online store, click HERE:

Pictured, CymM-5R Suspended Cymbal mallets.

Generally, the CymM-4R mallets sound best on suspended cymbals of 18″ diameters and above.

For these, and even larger suspended cymbals, consider the CymM-5R mallets as they provide a greater performance-arc-radius that becomes very helpful on larger cymbals, making it even easier to move the larger metal without breaking the smooth, consistent swells and crescendos.

Additionally, these mallets are ideal for priming gongs & tam tams of larger diameters.  When used well, these mallets get the metal in these large instruments moving, or vibrating, at an almost completely inaudible volume, in preparation for a great note to follow.
Typically, the player will hold two mallets in one hand, preparing and priming the gong from the back side with a wide-grip, while holding the primary large gong mallet in the other hand.
When done right, this allows the great note to speak much more quickly, helping substantially with any potential audible delay in these extra-large, slower speaking instruments.

All Ron Vaughn instruments & equipment are 100% made in the USA by Ron Vaughn, Inc. Owner, Ron Vaughn.

To find our CymM-4R suspended cymbal mallets in our online store, click HERE .

To find our CymM-5R suspended cymbal mallets in our online store, click HERE.

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