Petite Mallets for Cymbals, Bells, Triangles & Xylophones

TBells (tiny bell mallets)

TBell Mallets, 1/4″ solid brass head, 1/8″ slender birch shaft with 1/4″ grip sleeves.

Ron’s tiny bell mallets, (sold in pairs), are an truly indispensable tool for any skilled percussionist, whether early in their career, or a seasoned professional of many concerts, sessions, tours, and performances.

As a bell mallet for the most delicate of parts, these mallets provide a brilliant, soft, highly controllable voice on keyboard bells, allowing the performer to ‘relax’ into the nuance of the part they are contributing.
The 1/8″ stems are so delicate, the 1/4″ solid brass heads so crystal clear, and the 1/4″ grip sleeves so comfortable to the player.

And much more, and very surprising to those who have never experienced this, Ron’s TBell mallets play suspended cymbals with stunning and beautiful clarity for all kinds of studio work, recordings, film scores, ballads, avant-garde compositions, and even (and especially) driving time in jazz groups.
Don’t underestimate the flexibility and creativity offered by these tiny mallets. Are they delicate, of course! Though an experienced player with ‘soft-hands’ can get years of performance from just one pair, potentially. And in contrast, a heavy handed player can also break them in just seconds. TBells are all about your creativity, your hands, nuance, and your ear.
For context reference, think ‘Jeff Hamilton’ if you’ve ever heard Jeff play ballads & sambas with such beautiful, delicate expression and control.

To find our TBells in our online store, click HERE.

Tri-Bell-4 Mallets, in Birch or Rattan shafts

Tri-Bell 1/2″ Aluminum Head Mallets, (pictured here with Rattan shaft)

Tri-Bell 4 mallets, (sold in pairs), come with either Birch or Rattan shafts, either are 13 1/2″ in length.
The Tri-Bell Aluminum-Head mallets are especially brilliant on triangles, even though triangles are most often almost automatically thought to be played with a rod/striker. It’s worth a quick re-think for some performance, and especially recording situations where these Tri-Bell mallets will produce brilliant presence and clarity of sound.
Tri-Bells are also very effective on keyboard bell sets where moderate volume and sound projection is the aim.

To find our Tri-Bell mallets in our online store, click HERE.

MBell-5 Solid Brass Bell Mallets

MBell-5R Mallet shown, with 13 1/2″ Rattan Shaft

MBell-5 mallets are sold in pairs, with either Birch (MBell-5B) or Rattan (MBell5-R) 13 1/2″ shafts.
MBell-5 Mallets are classic ‘go-to’ bell mallets for keyboard bells, (glockenspiel), for live performance or recording. MBell-5 Mallets deliver the full-depth sound of any bell bar, with brilliant presence of sound, and as much projection as performance pieces will ever require, when needed.

To find our MBell-5 Mallets in our online store, click HERE.

Xylo-9 Xylophone Mallets, sometimes called ‘P-9s’, (Petite 9’s)

Xylo-R Xylophone mallet, 3/4″ ball, brass-core polymer black ball with birch shaft

Xylo-9 Xylophone Mallets (sold in pairs) have been a favorite go-to mallet for Xylophone parts, playing beautifully on either synthetic or authentic Rosewood keyboards. These mallets bring great presence of sound for all parts Xylophone, including the Gershwin scores and other classics and modern-to-avant-garde scores.

To find our Xylo-9 mallets in our online store, click HERE.

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