Voiced & Tuned Signature WoodBlocks

Ron Vaughn has been making wood blocks since the 1960’s, pioneering the single, wide-slot, solid-body blocks that are so well known today throughout the world of percussion.

Click here: for Ron Vaughn Voiced & Tuned Signature Wood Blocks, 16 pitches+custom tunings.

Click here: for Ron Vaughn Tuned Ascend Wood Blocks,(8 pitches), with complete pitch-reference and pitch-register chart, also including best-sounding mallet choices for these blocks among Ron’s High-Density Wood Block mallets:

Ron Vaughn Ascend Tuned WoodBlocks, 8 tuned blocks in the collection. All Ascend blocks have good relative tuning for reliable collections, and adding to collections over time.
All Ascend blocks are easily mounted using Ron’s AB-Blk-Mnt stainless steel, adjustable, pin-style block mount.

Ron Vaughn Ascend WoodBlock mount.
This AB-Blk-Mnt Ascend block mount works with all eight of Ron’s Tuned Ascend WoodBlocks.
You can find this terrific block mount in our online store by licking right HERE:

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