Temple Blocks

Ron’s Tp-770 Temple Blocks, Mahogany & Russian Birch, are the blocks most often found in major orchestras throughout the world, on countless recordings, in many universities, conservatories, studios, and schools where music performance is highly valued.


Tp-990 Bass Temple Blocks, North American Western Cedar & Russian Birch, are a two-pitch, (B & A natural), bass extension for the Tp-770 pentatonic set pictured above.
Tp-990 bass blocks not yet pictured.



Tp-V2 Vertical Temple Blocks, Mahogany & Russian Birch, are a two-pitch set, tuned to a perfect fourth, D & G natural, for the many performance pieces that call for only two pitches.  Their small footprint makes them pit-friendly and popular performance setup space-savers.



BTp-5H Russian Birch Temple Blocks:  these Ron Vaughn, tried and true temple blocks are consistently well tuned, quite rugged, and deliver a very good temple block sound.  They continue to populate so many music programs across the US and in other countries.




And the Russian Birch 6-pitch sets, BTp-6H temple blocks.




Also, the Russian Birch BTp-5V vertically aligned temple block sets for pit work of all kinds, Broadway and other touring show venues.




And, the Russian Birch BTp-5K Korean Folk Melody temple block sets for performances of the famous Korean melody, Arrirange.