Stick Tray Detail

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Ron Vaughn no-roll stick tray, perfect for mallets, and many other hand-percussion instruments.

Underside view of a Ron Vaughn Stick Tray.

Pictured above, an underside view of a Ron Vaughn Stick Tray. Basic construction includes the Stick Tray body built from high quality Russian Birch for strength, longevity, and excellent aesthetics. The tray foam is a sculpted topography, providing ready-made ‘furrows’ to hold individual sticks and mallets, and prevents them from rolling or changing position on the stick tray, making for very reliable performance logistics and mechanics.
Each stick tray includes an FM-Key and a FlexMount ‘knuckle’ to hold the FM-Key securely during performance use and off-stage storage, also pictured just above.

Ideal foam ‘furrowed’ stick tray surface to rest stick and mallets securely and silently during performance requirements.
Another secure, ‘silent’ instrument resting place during performances, providing fast, secure access to hand percussion instruments of many kinds.

Quick-Link to FlexMount How-To page for developing reliable, custom hardware arrangements for performing professionals: