Steam-Bent Solid Drum Shells

Ron began bending solid wood back in the 1960’s, making snow skis for himself and his buddies, and bending wood in his Soap Box Derby race car bodies.
Eventually, some years later (and with no broken bones from skiing or racing :-), that led to Ron bending solid shells for his tambourines and hand drums.  And then, solid drum shells.

Today, these shells are still beautifully made by Ron Vaughn Percussion, all right here in the USA.  After several decades, an eclectic and terrific collection of very dedicated solid shell customers have assembled, ranging from companies large and small to including individual builders as well.  Production remains essentially ‘sold-out’  in taking care of the solid shell needs of this great and long-standing group.

In 2019 Ron is yet again expanding his company’s solid shell production capacity so more new customers can utilize these amazing solid shells.

All of Ron’s shell specs aim for aerospace tolerances, and “the best quality we can make”. In aiming for these specs, and with the help of some remarkable cutting-edge technology, nothing is mass produced.

If you have an interest in Ron’s solid drum shells, please send your information via email, or call, and we will faithfully add your information to our data base.  Whenever we are able to reliably and responsibly add more solid shell customers, we will!


Cocobolo and Rock Maple Solid Shells:

Purple Heart and Zebra Wood Solid Shells:

Blood Wood & Quilted Maple Solid Shells:Web.Red+Quilted.384x288