Steam-Bent Solid Drum Shells

Latest update for availability of additional Ron Vaughn Solid Snare Drum Shells . . .
As a result of our gradually and continually upgrading and increasing our capacity in solid shell production, we expect to have a few additional solid shells for snare drums available for long waiting & new customers.

Solid Drum Shell Availability Update:
New Solid Drum Shells available this Friday, October 8, 2021.  Find them at:

Ron Vaughn Solid Drum Shell’s earliest origins began in the 1960’s in the USA. Ron Vaughn first began working out his methods, machinery, and unique techniques for bending solid wood, first for snow skis, and then for solid tambourine and hand drum shells, and then solid drum shells.

Ron Vaughn, Inc. continues today building some of the world’s finest steam bent solid shells.  These solid shells can be found virtually all over the world in tambourines, hand drums, and drum shells.
Ron Vaughn, Inc. continues today under Ron’s sole ownership and direction.

These solid drum shells are made with the very same attention to superb materials, detail and quality of workmanship Ron Vaughn Percussion has become so well known for over the past 50 years, both here in the USA and throughout the world.

Wood species:  through the decades there are few wood species that Ron Vaughn has not used in building steam-bent solid drums shells.  Typically, reinforcing hoops are steam bent from hard maple, unless otherwise requested.
Solid maple drum shells remain one of the most popular, useful, potentially great-sounding and good-machining, naturally occurring materials for experienced drum builders to use.

Ron Vaughn, Inc, applies aerospace tolerances in the equipment and engineering instruments we use to produce, “the best quality we can make” in our solid drum shells. In applying these specs, and with the help of some remarkable cutting-edge technologies, nothing is mass produced.

Our production typically remains sold out.  However, in 2021 with a little more capacity, we hope to have some additional solid snare drum shells available for new or long-time waiting customers this summer, 2021.

Cocobolo and Rock Maple Solid Shells:

Purple Heart and Zebra Wood Solid Shells:

Blood Wood & Quilted Maple Solid Shells:Web.Red+Quilted.384x288