Ron Vaughn ST-900 Slap Sticks and ST-125 Whips

Ron Vaughn Percussion’s ST-900 Slap Stick is built from super Russian Birch, and has become one of the most in-demand specialized instruments in percussion today, and continuing now for many decades.

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This instrument includes hand-lapped faces, and carefully positioned air-pocket machines, strategically placed from Ron’s trial and error research over his early years in the 1960’s.   This instrument includes a finely balanced, highly functional motion.
The leather strap is ideal for articulating rhythmic figures as are found in the compositions of composers like Darius Milhaud.
At these faster moving rhythmic figures, this instrument delivers consistent, well-shaped accent sound at lower dynamics, and with precise clarity.  The integral, recessed black foam pad provide a comfortable rest against fingers during performance.  The brass hinge mechanism is closed and sealed for smooth, quick, even motion.


And, at higher dynamics when powerful, Thunder-Cracking FFFF Volumes are called for with less rhythmically intense parts, this instrument delivers enormous sound when played for single-shot accents, with both hands combining to maximize the surface speed motion and closure.

Pictured below, an ST-900 with it’s Compression Bungee Band in place:  all ST-900’s are made and shipped with an accompanying, form-fitting bungee compression band.  This should always be in place when the slap stick is being stored.  This compression band plays a vitally important roll in maintaining the instruments terrific performance sound when the ST-900 is not in use.
The ST-900 Compression Band maintains the flatness-alignment of the two opposing planes of the interior faces of the slap stick, protecting against surface warping from changes in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure fluctuations, assuring fine, continued alignment and performance sound.


Next in Ron’s collection:
The lightening-fast and quick ST-125 One-Handed Whip, (not yet pictured).
This instrument is ideal for quick, lower volume, highly articulate performance.
The ST-125 features superb balance for one-handed, (or two-handed, one-in-each-hand), playing, and comes complete with an ergonomically formed mahogany hand/finger grip.