Ron Vaughn Metallurgy, Jingles

Ron Vaughn metals, alloys, and metal/sound expressions:

For over 50 years Ron Vaughn has developed the alloys and processes for making all of the jingles in any Ron Vaughn tambourine.
All of the jingles in any Ron Vaughn tambourine are made exclusively by Ron Vaughn Percussion for our tambourines.  All this work is done only at Ron Vaughn Percussion, and only in the U.S.A.  Everything we make is made here in the U.S.A. at our shops and factories.

The process of developing the unique sounds of Ron’s jingles has a long and successful history, providing some of the finest sounding tambourines in the world today.

Some of these instruments are specifically for unique performance uses, such as driving time in rhythm tambourines, or specific tambourines for the recording studios, and others for the concert halls, performing the great classical pieces in the world today.

Even as these alloys, and especially our processes are specific to Ron Vaughn Percussion, they are named generally to give players a sense of what they are, such as ‘brass’, or T-10 German Silver, or 1″ Fluted jingles.

Just as in the cymbal industry, these formulas or ‘recipes’ are kept in the company ‘family’, as they take many years to develop, and at substantial expense of time and materials.

Thank you for playing Ron Vaughn Tambourines, in the many styles and performance applications that you apply in your careers here and throughout the world!