Log Drum Mounting Systems

Getting the best sound from these instruments:

As complete acoustic bodies and resonating chambers, Ron Vaughn Log Drums are very sensitive to what they rest on when they are played.  How the drum ‘rests’, or simply, what surface you put them on when playing them, makes an enormous difference in what you ultimately hear from the drums and how they ‘sing’.

To quickly find our FlexMount Assemblies for Ron Vaughn Log Drums in our online store, click here:

And secondly are the mallets.  If you mount these great drums on their intended FlexMounts and you use our intended mallets, you will hear these beautiful drums in their full, mellow, resonant voices. 

Note: If greater volume is needed during performance, use electronic amplification to assist in increased volume.  Avoid ‘over-playing’ the instrument’s natural voice.
Ron Vaughn Log Drums produce very rich, deep, mellow, robust tones when properly mounted for performance.  

Quickly finding your Ron Vaughn Log Drum FlexMount  mounting hardware:


On our PDF price list, open the price list and scroll down to line #143 and line #145.  Here, you will see a single line item which provides you with the complete mounting hardware for our log drums, without having to pick out the individual pieces and parts.  Much easier!

Line #143 lists everything, (except the cymbal stand floor stands),  to mount ONE of our log drums, all in one part number.  This will be two complete mounts, i.e., enough to mount any one of our S.A.T.B. log drums.

Line #145 lists everything,  (except the cymbal stand floor stands), to mount all FOUR of our S.A. T. B. log drums.

With these pre-assembled parts, your log drum mounts arrive to you fully assembled, ready to take out of the carton(s) and place them into your cymbal stand bases.  Just make certain your cymbal stand bases will accept the 3/4″ diameter down tubes of our hardware.


Pictured below: Log Drum Cradle set  . . . 
Pictured assembly includes:
1) FM-TBase
2) FM-6Bar
3)  FM-XR6 posts, (hidden inside foam blocks)
4)  Foam block set for drum playing position
5)  Cymbal stand base that accepts the FlexMount TBase 3/4″ stainless steel down-tube, (not included)



See Ron’s Signature S.A.T.B. Log Drums . . . 

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