FoamFlex Table-Top Mounts for Ron’s Signature Wood Blocks

FoamFlex images to come, Ron’s table-top mounting system for Signature Wood Blocks . . .

FoamFlex Table-Top Mounts, mounts Ron’s Signatures blocks for table-top performance: 
allows for mounting one Signature block at a time in unique, foam-contoured cradles.  Each FoamFlex is built and sized to fit and use with each specific Signature block.

FoamFlex allows for groups of blocks to be gathered together on a flat, table top surface for performance.
Especially helpful with very small piccolo blocks, FoamFlex mounts will hold these tiny, brilliant high-pitched blocks right where you need them.  All of Ron’s very small Signature Piccolo Wood Blocks, (W-.8, W-.9, W-1, W-1.2, W-1.3, W-1.4, W-1.5), remain in very playable positions for faster, more complex parts requiring increased accuracy at speed from the player.

For Ron’s mid-range and very large Signature blocks, (W-2 through W-8), FoamFlex mounts also hold these blocks in very stable, reliable positions, while allowing the blocks to sing at full voice, throughout the dynamic range.

FoamFlex Wood Block Mounts hold blocks in position via gravity and a mild friction as the blocks are nested into the custom-cut and sized foam pockets for each block in the collection.
For more demanding performance requirements and more complex physical wood block setups where a much higher degree of position-control is required, please see Ron’s patented
FlexMount Wood Block Mounting System and components for all of his Signature Wood Blocks.


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