Ascend Stainless Steel Block Mount

The Ron Vaughn RV-AB.Blk.Mnt stainless steel Wood Block Mount is designed for Ron’s Ascend Wood Blocks.  This single Ascend mount is flexible enough to center-mount any of the eight Ascend Wood Blocks, from the smallest AB-1 to the largest AB-6.

This Ascend Block Mount will also mount most other, (bottom-drilled), pin-based mounted wood blocks.

Arrange your Ascend Wood Blocks in the best configuration for your personal performance needs.  The integral 3/8″ diameter stainless steel stem fits all of Ron’s FlexMount hardware, as well as other major brands of percussion hardware.

This new clamp provides great reach, superb stability, excellent sound insulating properties, and a very firm clamping force, with minimal tightening force needed.  In fact, it’s important not to over-tighten the custom made, nylon filled wing nut with unnecessary pressure.

Ron Vaughn, RV-AB.Blk.Mnt, fits all Ascend Wood Blocks.