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Ron Vaughn continues
'Pure Solid Shell'TM Development & Production
for the 2017 Season with new models
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Ron Vaughn Solid Shells for Tambourines, hand drums, and kit drums . . .

'A Tradition of Excellence and Innovation for over 45 years'

The bending and forming of solid wood has been a passion of Ron Vaughn’s since the early 1960’s. Today this work continues. Ron first expressed this passion in the form of snow skis, surfboards, and drums. This continuing dedication has led to the development and production of thousands of solid shell products, almost all for the music industry today.  Within the music industry these products are most often tambourine or tambourine-like shells, hand drum shells, snare drum shells, and solid wood hoops and inserts, (and in-lays), for drums of all sizes, including bass drums. Bending includes solid shells up to 60" in diameter.

Consistently refining the manufacturing process of these exceptional Solid Wood Drum Shells continues today at Ron Vaughn Percussion. As much art as science and engineering, Ron's technology, passion, and continuos improvement over decades allow these remarkable shells to delivering full, resonant, robust sound with beautiful and live acoustic presence. 

Dimensional integrity, overall quality and long term stability have been and remain a hallmark of Ron's Solid Shells.  These qualities provide new and unexplored areas for drum designers and builders. Ron's technology continues to push the envelope of design and sound production across the entire audible sonic scale, further than ever before.  Shaping and matching a particular snare drum sound to a specific performance requirement, or to other drums in a set has never been more exciting than it is today.

Many of today's leading drum companies and custom builders throughout the world continue to rely on the highest quality Solid Shells built from core technologies originated and developed by Ron Vaughn.

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