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Tp-V2, Vertical Mahogany/Russian Birch Pro Temple Blocks on FlexMounts
Ron's High-Density Mallet History
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Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 Vertical Temple Blocks
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Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 Vertical Temple Blocks  
  Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 with Cymbal and Flexmounts
Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 Vertical Temple Blocks
    Equipment shown above:
1) Tp-V2 Temple Block Set
2) T-Base
3) FM-12bar
4) FM-Cym33G Goose Neck

5) FlexMount key, FM-key
      Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 FlexMount
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Ron Vaughn Tp-V2 FlexMount
Vertical Mahogany Russian Birch Pro Temple Blocks
Mounting Temple Blocks, and all percussion instruments, exactly where you need and want them is vital to most every percussionist/drummer.
Ron's stainless steel FlexMount hardware is an ideal tool for every creative performer who needs to set up in his or her own way.
Multiple Percussion work, studio work, competitive performing, and in ensembles of every kind and style, these can all require advanced performing skills and world class equipment.
Ron's Tp-V2's are just one example of the flexibility players have with his FlexMount system.
"It's an erector set for percussionists and drummers",
Ron says.
Any of Ron's Mahogany-Russian Birch Temple Blocks can be mounted using his FlexMount hardware, and in virtually any combination.
The Tp-V2's are an assembled instrument, providing the interval of a perfect fourth, (D and G), something often written for in percussion parts. Also, any two of the five Tp-770 Temple Blocks can be assembled with the Tp-V2 hardware.

Tp-V2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Mahogany/Russian Birch Pro Temple Blocks, mounted vertically with stainless steel FlexMounts, 2 pitches, D natural and G natural.
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