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Rotating Chime History

In 1976 Ron had just returned from South America where he had been playing in the Venezuelan Orchestra as percussionist, and then timpanist, and playing with Elvin Jones when he was touring South America.

Ron's rotating chime idea grew out of some recording sessions he began doing in Nashville, TN. Don McLean, (Bye Bye Miss American Pie), wanted a smooth chime sound with infinite fade for his album 'Believers' that Ron played on, along with The Jordanaires, Jerry Carrigan, and Dennis Solee.

The first rotating chime was made of the aluminum hoop from a torn 14 inch drum head that Larry Londin gave Ron after a session. Ron suspended tempered aluminum chime bars from the hoop, then added a suspension system with a center bearing that would smoothly rotate on a cymbal stand. Soon Ron made the design official with a solid aluminum frame and a smooth running center ball bearing. The chime quickly became a studio favorite.

Years later in 2005, Ron designed and produced the latest version of this high-control chime he named the' Bloomington Key Chime'. The 7 inch injection-molded round frame and tempered brass keys provide an ideal instrument for studio work and live ballads. The chime runs on a close tolerance polymer bearing that fits on the end of a 3/8" stainless steel rod.

  Ron Vaughn Rotating Chime
Ron Vaughn with original 14" rotating chime
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