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News . . . from Ron Vaughn, U.S.A., October 18, 2017


Dateline for October 15, 2017

Hot Tamale Tambourines begin shipping October 2017 . . .

Skins & Hard Tops !





Dateline for October 1, 2017

UPDATE . . .

Ron's FlexMount + Wood Block set-up for
Iannis Xenakis's

Ron Vaughn PASIC 2017 Booths #1168 & 1170
See and play this Super-Useful, Xenakis-friendly
performance combination this fall !

See how close you can come to playing all of those
stunning notes that Iannis put together
for the innovative and creative performer.
It's a blast !


Dateline for October 1, 2016

Compression Tambourine Cases:

For the tambourines you truly want to protect, Ron's
Compression Tambourine Cases
provide superior protection in this unique hard-case
with leather carrying handle.
The instrument is suspended inside the case.
Instruments with skins are held
in a completely protected position, safe from
normal travel wear and tear.
Moisture resistant.
Coming this fall, 2016.
(patents pending)


Dateline for September 1, 2016

From Ron Vaughn: 'Phoenix Tambourines':


Ron introduces his latest family of hybrid tambourines,
The Phoenix Collection.
Ron's Phoenix collection provides instruments that are uniquely
suited for performing Brazilian and Classical styles.

Phoenix tambourines are made from solid maple shells,
and possess an integrated design which includes a number of Ron's unique
innovations to this time honored and seminal
percussionist tool.

Hear, see, and play them this fall !
(patents pending)


Dateline for November 24, 2015

Ron Vaughn FireFly Tambourines

From Ron Vaughn: 'FireFly Tambourines:

Minimal shell, pure-jingle sound.

Play at extremely low volume levels with unprecedented
density, presence, and articulation of pure sound.
Play at higher volume levels in classical concert or Brazilian
style with one of the richest sound-color palettes ever
to come from a tambourine.

Solid maple mini-shells, beautiful skins,
and brilliantly voiced.


Dateline for February 1, 2015

From Ron Vaughn: 'Rebonds B' wood block sets for
composer Iannis Xenakis' landmark composition:

This more playable wood block array is created with
Ron's Signature wood blocks & his
stainless steel FlexMount hardware.

The array may greatly help many performers as they
deliver this dynamic, driving piece that Xenakis created.

All Ron Vaughn instruments & equipment are
100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.






Dateline February 1, 2014

Ron Vaughn RV-5095.SR01.Cng
Split-Ring 14" diameter ThunderBird Tambourines:

Ron's ThunderBird Tambourines are true Split-Ring design,
with Carbon Fiber & Phosphorous Bronze hardware and goat skin heads.

Ron's complete ThunderBird Tambourine information page
will be published here within a few days!

All Ron Vaughn instruments & equipment are
100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.




Dateline February 1, 2014

Ron Vaughn BTp-5K Korean Folk Song Temple Blocks:

Ron's Korean Folk Song Temple Blocks can be played with
Korean melodies, such as the famous Korean folk song 'Arirang'.
John Barnes Chance's 1965 composition for concert band,
'Variations on a Korean Folk Song' is based on the beautiful Arirang melody.

Ron's complete Korean Folk Song Temple Block information page
will be published here within a few days.

All Ron Vaughn instruments and equipment are
100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.




Dateline November 1, 2013

Ron Vaughn Split-Ring FireBird Tambourines:

Ron's Compound Jingle Design, here, One-Inch Fluted Jingles
integrated with T-10 German Silver Jingles.

Pictured below, model RV-5155.SRF2.Cng

All of Ron's Tambourines are 100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.




Dateline September 1, 2013

Ron Vaughn Concert Tambourines:

Solid Maple Shells,
Mahogany SuperGrips, (optional), Ron's Hybrid Jingle Collection, and Premium Calfskins, clean-mounted without nails, tacks, holding bands, or other hardware for superb balance and feel.

Pictured below, model RV-4675.H002.Cng, with Hammered German Silver Jingles, staggered pattern, and Phosphorous Bronze pins.
Staggered pattern jingle rows help facilitate beautiful, even rolls.

All of Ron's Tambourines are 100% made by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.

Ron Vaughn Concert Tambourines


Dateline January 1, 2013
Ron's complete piccolo block pitch array once again includes all of the following:
W-.9 D natural, W-1 C#, W-1.2 B natural, W-1.3 A natural, W-1.4 G natural,
and W-1.5 F natural.
Players may choose any combination, buying only what their performance requirements call for:
Ron's complete piccolo block collection is once again available. Originally created in the 1990s for specific compositions and recording projects, these all North American Cherry Piccolo Wood Blocks provide a brilliant, high-pitched ensemble of sounds to accommodate most any project.
As with all of Ron's original signature wood blocks, these piccolo blocks are all FlexMount ready for easy mounting.
Ron's PBM-1R Piccolo Block Mallets are the mallets of choice to achieve maximum sound and performance presence, used for both Piccolo Block tuning at Ron Vaughn U.S.A. and in performances throughout the world.
All wood blocks 100% made only by Ron Vaughn, Inc., U.S.A.


Dateline December 5, 2012
RON'S TAMBOURINES ARE SHIPPING: for Concert work, for Recording work, for Rhythm-Studio/Rock Pop work: Ron's complete classic collection of tambourines is now shipping.
Ron's tambourines are made exclusively with his solid shells and his collection of hybrid jingles, all 100% designed and made by
Ron Vaughn U.S.A..
Additional information, images, and sound files will continue to gradually populate this web site. Ron offers players everywhere a growing collection of information to help them determine which Ron Vaughn tambourine models will provide them with the right sounds to enrich the aural presence of their personal performance work, whether live or recorded.

Ron Vaughn Recording Tambourine Ron Vaughn Rhythm Tambourine
Pictured above, Ron Vaughn Recording Tambourine . . . . . . . . . . .Pictured above, Ron Vaughn Rhythm-Studio/Rock/Pop Tambourine

Pictured above, Ron Vaughn Tambourine, Feather Weight, Split-Ring Soft Series,
Solid Poplar Shell and Carbon Fiber with one-inch Fluted Jingles



Dateline December 1, 2011
CUSTOM LOG DRUM SETS for Toru Takemitsu composition, 'From Me Flows What You Call Time': Ron Vaughn Percussion
now makes custom-tuned log drum sets that provide the pitches needed for Toru Takemitsu's famous composition. The pitches are distributed across the four log drums: the Bass log drum is tuned to F# & A#: the Tenor log drum is tuned to D & F: the Alto log drum is tuned to F# & G#, and the Soprano log drum is tuned to A & C. These custom tuned sets can now be ordered from Ron Vaughn Percussion, specifying this unique tuning for this remarkable Takemitsu composition for five percussionists, wind instruments, harps, celesta and strings.

Ron Vaughn Toru Log Drums

Dateline November 3, 2011
NEW TOURING BAG; Ron Vaughn Percussion introduces New Heavy Duty Touring Bag for Ron's Tp-770 Professional Mahogany/Russian Birch Temple Blocks, Model #Tp-770-BAG:
Made of heavy-weight, heavy duty weather resistant black vinyl, this professional bag includes protective high-quality padding substrate throughout, double stitched wide nylon support strapping and handle construction, and comfortable, adjustable shoulder support. Top-opening high quality zippered flap allows for easy loading and unloading. Padded sleeve included for safe storage, carrying of Tp-770 stainless steel down-tube. Available and shipping today.


Dateline October 6, 2011
TM Wood Blocks, now a total of 8 tuned pitches:

Ron Vaughn Ascend Wood Blocks
Ascend'TM Wood Blocks by Ron Vaughn, grows by two more additional pitches, a very high D natural, and a mid-range A natural, filling out Ron's latest tuned tonal set of AscendTM blocks to include a brilliant group of colors that span from the highest piccolo range and extending well into the mid-range for wood blocks, giving players and composers even more span and creative scale to work with. Approx. pitch reference, low to high, B, C#, E, G, A, B, C#, D
Ron's Ascend'TM collection differs from his signature classic Ron Vaughn blocks by offering players a well-tuned well made set of blocks of high quality that student budgets can more easily reach without sacrificing the fundamental qualities they need for good performance sound.
100% made in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn Percussion,

"Ascend Tuned Wood Blocks, Professional Quality at Student Prices"


Dateline August 10, 2011
Ascend, Tuned Wood Blocks now available; Ron Vaughn announces 6 new, fully tuned, rock maple wood block models in his latest 'Ascend'
TM Wood Blocks by Ron Vaughn, 100% made in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn Percussion,
"Ascend Tuned Wood Blocks, Professional Quality at Student Prices"

100% made in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn Percussion
Copyright 2011 Ron Vaughn, All rights reserved.
Ron has been designing and building wood blocks for his company, and for many other major percussion companies since the 1960s.
Today, Ron Vaughn Percussion announces that Ron is adding a new tuned collection of 6 rock maple wood blocks ranging from brilliant high pitched Brazilian Piccolo block styles, to large, full bodied models. These designs are in the great tradition of Ron's world famous full bodied, single slot design found in most all wood block designs today. Ron set this standard decades ago with what was then a radical departure from previous wood block designs. Today, Ron's now classic designs are considered the way wood blocks are made, whether manufactured from natural materials or synthetic polymers and plastics.

Ron's 'Ascend' collection makes available high quality, well tuned and good sounding natural wood blocks to players everywhere who need a value priced alternative to either Ron's classic signature blocks, or to the unrealistically priced imitations of his blocks sold by others, who are often not the manufacturers of the very products they sell.

Tuned Wood Blocks . . .
Ascend wood blocks by Ron Vaughn are reliably tuned to an even scale. Players adding more blocks over time, or simply purchasing Ascend blocks as a set can rely on well tuned, scaled pitched blocks throughout the collection, just like they always have with Ron's signature fine tuned blocks.

Ron's classic wood block mallets are the ideal mallet choice for playing his new 'Ascend' block models. Each 'Ascend' block is labeled with model number, and recommended 'best' Ron Vaughn mallet for performance.

All Ron Vaughn wood blocks are designed by Ron Vaughn, and manufactured by Ron Vaughn U.S. A.

Dateline July 22, 2011
Ron Vaughn's renowned Solid Shells and tambourine jingle collection expands:
For decades, Ron's unique style of solid shell tambourines and the sounds of his original tambourine jingles have been among the favorite sounds of players of every kind of music throughout the world. The complete original collection of Ron's tambourine jingles, and tambourines are in production. These include the remarkable, dry, crisp, cutting sound of his T-10 Secco jingles, sometimes
referred to as fluted jingles, or 'crimped' jingles. As the 2011-2012 season begins, more of these remarkable instruments will be
added and introduced as Ron expands his sound and solid shell library of now over 40 years. His triple-row, high-density studio recording tambourines are among the favorites being expanded upon, still offered today with or without Ron's now classic, original Super Grips.
Ron's classic R-1 Rock jingles and his effervescent and brilliantly-voiced T-10 Jingles are also part of this well known, well used timeless collection of professional tambourines.
This coming season, Ron will also introduce new models of his fluted, or 'crimped' jingle tambourines, as well as the long awaited
R-2 Rock/Pop jingle and tambourine collection.
All Ron Vaughn solid shells and tambourine jingles are made by Ron Vaughn, and manufactured by Ron Vaughn U.S. A.

Dateline January 19, 2011
Ron Vaughn BTp-3H-Basso Solo, in stock and shipping:
More flexibility . . . Now Ron's Russian Birch bass temple blocks are also available as a stand-alone 3 bass block set. Blocks are a harmonic, low-register add-on to any of Ron's Russian Birch Temple Block series instruments. Pitches are Bb, C, and D, providing a seamless harmonic addition to either the BTp-5H sets, or Ron's latest BTp-6H Temple Block sets. The BTp-3H-Basso blocks also provide the Eb key leading tone to the Pentatonic BTp-5H set, or the BTp-6H tuned set, also tuned in the key of Eb.

Dateline December 10, 2010
Ron Vaughn stick tray-trap table, RV-Stk.Tray.1. in stock and shipping:
Ron introduces one of the performer's most basic necessities in his classically designed stick trays, made from super-durable Russian Birch high-density plywood. The trays also feature mounting hardware made from Ron's stainless steel FlexMount hardware series. The stick trays measure 12" x 14", including a ribbed studio foam working area, providing an ideal surface for mallets of all kinds, sticks, and small hand percussion instruments. Each tray is fitted with one of Ron's stainless steel FlexMounts, including a 3/8" diameter, 14" long stainless steel mounting rod, and FM-XB2 key holder and key. The trays will fit quickly and easily into any of Ron's FlexMount hardware, or other major brands percussion hardware, almost all of which accept 3/8" rod-style mounts.

Dateline December 8, 2010
Ron Vaughn BTp-6H Russian Birch Temple Blocks in stock and shipping:

Now a 6-pitch temple block set to meet the needs of many contemporary compositions and drum and percussion set-ups today.
The BTp-6H Russian Birch Temple Blocks are also tuned in the key of Eb, making them a seamless fit with any of the family of Ron's Russian Birch Temple Blocks. Pitches are Eb, F, G, Bb, C, and Eb. When coupled with Ron's new BTp-3H-Basso bass temple blocks, together these provide the performer/composer with nine progressive, harmonic, tuned pitches, collectively expanding the tonal availability of this contemporary, brilliant-edged sounding percussive tuned instrument combination. Play with hardwood dowels, (provided with each set), or Ron's classic temple block/large block mallet models LBM-3, available in birch shafts, LBM-3B, or in rattan shafts, LBM-3R.

Dateline December 8, 2010
Ron Vaughn BTp-3H-Basso Russian Birch Bass Temple Blocks in stock and shipping:
These bass temple blocks are a harmonic, low-register add-on to any of Ron's Russian Birch Temple Block series instruments. Pitches are Bb, C, and D, providing a seamless harmonic addition to either the BTp-5H sets, or Ron's latest BTp-6H Temple Block sets, also just released and listed above. The BTp-3H-Basso blocks also provide the Eb key leading tone to the Pentatonic BTp-5H set, or the BTp-6H tuned set, also tuned in the key of Eb.
The BTp-3H-Basso Temple Block sets also include one of Ron's classically designed Russian Birch stick trays built with Ron's stainless steel FlexMount hardware, all included with the BTp-3H-Basso Temple Block sets.

Dateline February 5, 2010
Ron Vaughn BTp-5H Russian Birch Temple Blocks shipping regularly:
Ron's Pentatonic, tuned Russian Birch Temple Blocks, 5 in-line horizontal temple blocks are shipping regularly and are now part of an increasing number of performance ensembles of many kinds. Pitches are Eb, G, Bb, C, and Eb. These can be played with hardwood dowels, (one pair included with each set), or Ron's venerable, zero-contact noise high-density head LBM-3 mallets, available and sold separately in birch or rattan shafts. The blocks are known for their quality of sound, pleasing aesthetics, and durability in daily rehearsal and performance requirements.

Dateline January 4, 2010
Ron Vaughn Log Drums are ready for the 2010 season, and better than ever!
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass . . . SATB
Ron Vaughn Percussion is now in regular production of Ron's classic, full bodied, authentic Log Drums. These drums represent Ron's very latest version of his well known log drums with their rich, full, dark mellow tones. Pitches are as always with Ron's Log Drums: Bass pitches are G natural and B flat, Tenor pitches are C natural and E flat, Alto pitches are F natural and A flat, and Soprano pitches are B flat and D flat. Solid N. American Black Walnut tops, with powerful Russian Birch bodies. Elegantly finished and hand polished to a beautiful sheen. World Class Ron Vaughn quality, sound, and patina. Look for new images to be posted on our web site in the near future, and through Ron Vaughn dealers worldwide. And don't forget our new Log Drum mallets: medium for our Soprano and Alto Log Drums, and large for our Tenor and Bass Log Drums.
All Ron Vaughn Log Drums are also FlexMount compatible for excellent mounting and playability for performance.

Dateline January 1, 2009
Tambourine restorations a rapidly growing requested service for 2009:
Ron Vaughn Percussion is receiving a rapidly growing number of requests for restoring Ron’s classic solid shell tambourines to their original condition.  These unique services include Ron’s original mounting system for high quality calfskin heads.  The skins are mounted to the solid shells without any hardware, producing the classic, lightweight, beautifully balanced tambourines.  Jingles can be restored to their original shape if they have been bent through decades of use, or they can be replaced with identical, authentic jingles from Ron Vaughn.

Dateline January 1, 2009
Woodblocks in 2009:
Ron Vaughn woodblocks continue to set the quality bar ever higher, after decades of continually refining the process.  Ron’s original solid body, single slot woodblocks are the “best we've ever made”, says company owner Ron Vaughn.  “I remember when I first introduced these great blocks to the industry back in the 1970’s at PAS in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Players were cautious.  The blocks sounded very good even back then, though they looked very different from other woodblocks of that time”. 
Today, woodblocks generally reflect the same aspect ratios of Ron's once ‘outrageous’ looking woodblocks. 

Dateline January 1, 2009
Exceptional Woodblock Tuning, 2009 :
In 2009, Ron Vaughn tuning is taken to new heights.  Ron Vaughn woodblocks are exceptionally consistent, one to the next.  This consistency allows players to more reliably add to their collection, whether they started them this year, or 25 years ago.

Dateline January 1, 2009
Steam Bent Solid Drum Shell Technology Growth, 2009:
In 2009 Ron Vaughn Percussion continues to aggressively develop Ron's decades rich path and technology development of continually improving steam bent solid drum shell production methods.  In recent developments, steam benders have begun to join two separate solid shells by gluing the two pieces together to achieve larger drum shell sizes. 'Book matching’ wood grains is then required to try and make the two piece shell appear as a true one piece solid shell. This practice is required due to the gluing of the two shells together to achieve greater shell heights, (bass drums, toms, etc.). 
This practice defeats the very purpose of solid shells, i.e., making a drum from one solid piece of wood that can resonate as a single body.  When a glue seam is added radially it compounds the muting of the complete potential of the drum as the sound waves are interrupted by the unnatural glue joint. 
As an example, this additional gluing is similar to the interruption of sound waves if you lay your hand across a guitar’s strings while the performer plays.  The sound can’t travel freely along the length of the string.  Or, in the case of drums, the sound cannot travel the length of the solid wood shell as it collides with the non-homogenous glue joint. 

In 2009, Ron Vaughn continues to develop solid shell technology that allows for these larger, (longer), shell types to be formed from a single piece of wood. Ron's engineering of the mechanical components and technologies to produce such large, one piece solid shells is well into development and producing remarkable results. Shells of this sonic caliber have been appropriately named, 'Pure Solid Shells TM', or 'Pure Solids TM' by Ron.
Unique Woods from the World's Forests, 2009:
These' Pure Solids' TM require the unique harvesting of woods from around the world that posses the physical size and quality to complete the Pure Solid Shell.  This harvesting is made possible through careful long-term relationships, and legal permissions that span decades for Ron Vaughn.  Similar searches for woods of exceptional tone quality take place for innovators like Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars, where wood selections are vital to producing beautiful tone in instruments, www.taylorguitars.com. 
Sustainable sourcing is a critical part of this process, as companies like Ron Vaughn Percussion and others remain committed to creating ever higher quality instruments made from these remarkable, naturally occurring materials.


News . . . Archive from 2008
Ron Vaughn promises and delivers: Fall, Winter 2008

Long time industry innovator and leader, Ron Vaughn, has introduced the latest in his Solid Body, Single Slot Woodblocks. This collection is offered only by Ron Vaughn dealers World Wide. The collection now includes additional pitches, even finer tuning, and pitch-specific tuning. Each block is designed to sound at a specific pitch. Then the color of the pitch is further tuned to create Ron's signature sound which has become so recognizable to players, conductors, and studio engineers everywhere. The highest pitched blocks now have additional pitches, (W1.3), as well as Ron's 'BIG BLOCKS', having added a large W-4.7 and the great W-7, extending the range of these fine instruments even further.

High Density Mallets also bring more innovation and change, raising the bar even higher within Ron's well established, highly trusted percussion instruments and equipment. All of Ron's classic instruments and designs are in this, his latest and best work in his long and continuing successful career. New and innovative instruments and equipment are being added as Ron continues to forge his path of performance, innovation and excellence he began over 40 years ago. "Players enrich the path for us with their active requests and suggestions. I've always been fortunate to work side by side with great players and educators", Ron says. "We grow directly from these inspiring, long-standing and trusted relationships."

Many aspire to fine performance. Those who have the vision and discipline create meaningful musical contributions, whether in the classroom, on the local or world stage, in concert halls, recording studios, music festivals, and in every musical style imaginable. This rich cultural mix today of world music and musicians is unprecedented in our collective experience.

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asonesprit Piccolo Block Mallets asonesprit

Piccolo mallet up-grade keeps Ron Vaughn mallets on the cutting edge of innovation

Ron Vaughn Percussion announces their latest product, improved-density Piccolo Mallets. The new design includes an original combination of a precision machined brass core bonded into a unique polymer mallet head. This new combination provides a more balanced feel. Sound production is also increased, with the mallets still possessing a lighter, faster action than many dedicated Piccolo/Xylophone mallets. Professional players find the mallets especially useful for demanding, multi-mallet Xylophone work.

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PMB-1B and 1R
Brass Core Balanced

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