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Ron Vaughn Percussion is all about working from the tremendous foundation of performance and design experience Ron has developed through the years. Ron continues today, energetically pouring his inextinguishable enthusiasm and passion into the instruments he is so well known for World-Wide, always aiming for and achieving consistent improvement, decade after decade. It's the 'Ron Vaughn' on the instruments that tells musicians and buyers alike that they're getting Ron's best and latest work.

" Together with my trusted group of long time engineers and employees, we continue to create better and better instruments, never resting on yesterdays achievements, and always staying closely connected with what has made Ron Vaughn instruments great throughout these terrific years of performance and manufacturing. I listen to Woodblocks we made even a few years ago next to the ones we make today, and there's as much difference between them as there was between my first woodblocks and the old-style blocks that were so common in the 1950', 60s, and early 1970s, just as I was getting started. The quality of my instruments today, our Solid Shell processes, our tambourine jingle metallurgy, and other percussion and drum equipment we're making is unparalleled and unmatched in our history ", Ron says. He adds, "I know. I design, review, and play them all".

The rich 45 year tradition of innovation and excellence embodied in the designs and sounds of
Ron's work are what Ron Vaughn Percussion is about. Ron's instruments can be found in musical groups of all styles and kinds today throughout the world. A partial list of these include Jazz, Rock, Pop, Big Band, Country, Avant Garde, World Music, Wind Ensembles, Great Orchestras, Chamber Orchestras, recording studio professionals, and motion picture sound stage recordings.

Today, if you enjoy live concerts, movies in the theater, buy DVDs or songs on iTunes to watch or listen to on your HDTV, computer, iPod, iPhone or smart phone, then you're already hearing the rich, exciting sounds of Ron's instruments. Whatever the venue or artist, wherever you live in the world, there's a good chance you're already very familiar with Ron's work, every day, more than you know!

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